Custom Fiberglass Mannequins Design

Fiberglass Mannequin in Uganda

Custom Fiberglass Mannequins Design in Kampala, Uganda.


Contact UEL Resins and Fiberglass for high quality and life like Mannequins in various styles, from abstract to realistic. View the collections. Male, female and children mannequins. Create Characters. Hans Boodt Mannequins! Various Sizes & Colors. Driven by innovation. Custom color. Own unique appearance. Custom Made.


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We are Uganda’s leading supplier for display mannequins and bust forms, including the materials for the design, moulding and casting of fiberglass mannequins. We are Renowned for innovative design and high quality manufacture of fibreglass mannequins, accessory presenters and associated visual merchandising in Uganda


The mannequin and bust form collections include; realistic mannequins with wig and makeup, abstract forms, stylised and headless fibreglass mannequins, bodies, and torsos. Also available are paper mache display tailors forms, dressmaker dummies and bust-forms in a vast selection of male, female, child, teen and baby shapes and sizes. proportion London is a quality manufacturer of speciality collections, including vintage style bustforms, plus size, maternity, lingerie, jewellery presenters and fashion accessories.


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