Epoxy Hardener

Epoxy Resin Uganda - Rwanda - Kenya - South Sudan - Tanzania - Burundi - Congo DRC

Epoxy Resin and Hardeners make up a versatile epoxy system that can be used for everything from basic, long-lasting repairs to the construction of high-performance composites.

When blended at the appropriate mix ratio, Epoxy Resin and Hardeners will cure to a high-strength plastic solid at 72°F. The resulting plastic adheres tenaciously to a wide range of materials including woods, fiberglass and other reinforcing materials, and metals.

Select from a range of hardeners and additives to tailor your epoxy mixture’s handling characteristics and cured physical properties to suit your working conditions and specific coating or bonding application.

Resin Hardener Uganda
Resin Hardener available from 30ML to 5KG.

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