Fibreglass Cold Rooms

Fibreglass Cold Room Uganda

Undoubtedly the most suitable cladding for aggressive environments, fibreglass prevents the problem of rusting in cold rooms, as it is a plastic material. Our fibreglass is suitable for the contact with foodstuffs.

UEL has been a leader in the production of fibreglass cold rooms for over 10 years, and its fibreglass cladding is produced according to a special formula that makes it unique. Thanks to modern construction technologies and to its special formula, a uniform manufacture is guaranteed on all its surface/thickness. In cold rooms and industrial cold storage premises, integrity in time is guaranteed, even if subject to bumps and scratches.

FIBREGLASS solves the problems that make you lose time with health authorities and veterinarians, besides jeopardizing the sanitary qualities of your premises.

Fibreglass Cold Room Uganda
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