Fibreglass Filler and Paste

David s Isopon P40 Glass Fibre Bridging Compound 250ml Fiberglass Filler Uganda

UEL Resins and Fibreglass is the premier supplier of David’s Isopon P40 Fibreglass Filler and Paste in Uganda. David’s Isopon P40 filler is a glass fibre paste that is ideal for bridging holes and perforated or rusted areas.


When it comes to car repairs, David’s Isopon P40 is the permanent answer to holes, splits and cracks in your car’s bodywork. David’s Isopon P40 is easy to apply, it is extremely strong, lightweight and weatherproof and will bond fast and permanently to metal and fibreglass fibre.

For Household and other Repairs, David’s Isopon P40 will bond to most materials, including metal, wood, hard plastics and ceramics, making it the quick remedy for most repairs around the home, caravan, boat and work.


Ideal for bridging holes and rusted areas, the filler pack includes;

  • Glass fibre repair paste
  • Hardener and applicator
  • Full instruction included


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