Fibreglass Kiosks

Kiosk making and Fabrication in Kampala Uganda

Throughout Uganda, kiosks have been at the forefront of business operations from mobile money, insurance, phone booths to retail shops. UEL Resins and Fibreglass designs and makes fibreglass kiosks that give you the freedom to do business in an enclosed and secure environment. All Kioks are designed according to customer specifications.

UEL Resins and Fibreglass:  A Guide to Epoxy Resin Applications

Kiosks are used for a multitude of purposes including car park kiosks, ticket booths, security cabins and vending kiosks. 

UEL Resins and Fibreglass:  Fibreglass (GRP) Boats and Structures

UEL’s fibreglass kiosks are found on streets of many of the big towns in Uganda. They act as a multipurpose vehicle for almost any vendor based business. They are very eye catching in appearance and stand out from the original fixed and metal kiosk based structures. Order your fibreglass kiosk today and take your business to the people on the streets.

Why Choose UEL’s fiberglass kiosks?

  • Durability – up to ten years outdoor use.
  • The surface finish (colour) is scratch resistant gelcoat , UV stabilized , acid resistant.
  • The fiberglass is applied to the back of this with a chopper gun.
  • Fibreglass and resin is sprayed onto the part. 2mm to 3mm wall thickness for trong , high impact
  • We offer internal lighting and plug sockets as optional extras.
  • Low maintenance. No need to paint , maintenance free. The kiosk just needs to washed from time to time as you would an automobile.
  • UV resistant and rust proof
  • The floor has a coarse finish. You cannot slip and fall on the surface , even if it is wet.
  • Kiosks have security fitted as standard


Currently the Fibreglass Kiosk Single Unit, Double Unit,  or multi purpose units and come with a variety of additional attachments to suit your requirements.

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