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Fibreglass Moulding Materials Supply

UEL supplies a range of the most common Fiberglass & Polyester Resin Molding Materials used to manufacture your GRP parts at affordable prices. 


Our Fiberglass molding materials include: Vinyl Ester Resin, Polyester Resin, Fiberglass Roving, Fiberglass Mat, and Gel Coat. Each fiberglass molding material has different advantages. Polyester resin is the most commonly used material for fiberglass molding, but vinyl ester resin has a number of superior qualities such as heat and water resistance.

Range of Fibreglass Materials

Vinyl Ester Resins

Vinyl Ester Resins typically exhibit excellent heat resistance, great water resistance, and extreme toughness. This resin is widely used in automotive, aircraft, heavy construction, and tooling applications.

Polyester Resin

Polyester Resins are the most widely used; particularly in the marine industry. The majority of dinghies, yachts, recreational boats, and jet skis use of this resin.

Fibreglass Roving

Fiberglass Roving is used as the main strength in reinforcing parts. The roving is fed through a “chop gun” which cuts the roving into strands typically 1” to 2” inches in lengthThe strands are sprayed in conjunction with the fiberglass resin in a crisscross pattern to ensure proper overlapping of the strands for strengthening purposes.

Fibreglass Mat

Fiberglass Mat is used in the hand lay-up process. This process consists of using layers of resin soaked fiberglass matting. Hand-laid parts are very strong and provide consistent wall thickness throughout the part.

Gel Coat

Gel coat is the material used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of a fiberglass reinforced composite product. It has the ability to be as shiny as paint on a new car with a class A finish. This material comes in any color and is used for boats, engine cowlings, and heavy construction products.


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