Fibreglass Planters and Pots

Fibreglass Pots and Planters Moulding - made from Resin in Uganda

Find fibreglass pots and planters at the best prices in Uganda. The organic pots are manufactured through a technological process of rotational moulding using an ecological material of resin of polyethylene, equipped with a hole for self-watering system. The different GRP/fibreglass pot and planter versions, sizes and finishes allow you to create unique environments.

All items are 100% Recyclable. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use and the polyethylene resin is highly resistant to impacts and extreme temperatures.. Available in different finishes. This high-end product is finished with Polymer coated in White color. Sophisticated designs, perfect to include in beautiful outdoor spaces.


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GRP Resin Planters and Pots in Uganda

Inspirated by nature, our fibreglass pots and planters promote harmony between the natural environment and human habitat through it’s simple and lightweight design. Vasijas is composed of round and square pots. The different versions, sizes and finishes allow you to create unique environments. It’s made of polyethylene resin by rotational moulding.


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