Fibreglass Filler and Paste

David s Isopon P40 Glass Fibre Bridging Compound 250ml Fiberglass Filler Uganda

UEL Resins and Fibreglass is the premier supplier of David’s Isopon P40 Fibreglass Filler and Paste in Uganda. David’s Isopon P40 filler is a glass fibre paste that is ideal for bridging holes and perforated or rusted areas.   When it comes to car repairs, David’s Isopon P40 is the permanent answer to holes, splits …

Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda

Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala Uganda

Helping you Build Great Swimming Pools for your Client(s) Since 2003, Ugandan architects and designers have entrusted our swimming pool division with the design and build of luxury swimming pools and spas at affordable rates across the country, be it fibreglass pools or granite and marble stone swimming pools. We have therefore designed and built …

Elevated and Low-line Pickup Truck Canopy

Vehicle Canopy

Fibreglass vehicle canopies are available for trucks, pickup trucks, double cabin pickup trucks, courier motorcycles and specialised fibreglass compartments on any other motorcycles. Get a free price quotation on Pickup Truck Canopy making services in Uganda by submitting your inquiries using the price form provided below:      

Truck Box Body Building

Refrigerated and Insulated Fibreglass Truck Body Building in Kampala - Uganda -

UEL is a pioneer when it comes to Truck and Lorry Box Body making/building/fabrication services in in Kampala, Uganda. A truck body is generally used in a company specific way, after all every cargo is unique. UEL Resins and Fibreglass LTD closely involves its customers in the design process of the truck body. For heating, cooling and …

Refrigerated Truck Body

Refrigerated and Insulated Fibreglass Truck Body Building in Kampala - Uganda -

Fibreglass Insulated Truck Body Building in Kampala, Uganda   When transporting perishable cargo, you need a solution that protects your products and maximizes operating efficiency. This is where you need your vehicles (trucks) to built with fibreglass refrigerated and insulated truck bodies. Uganda, being a tropical country with extreme hot weather necessitates the  transportation of …

3D Epoxy Table Top, Desk, Work and Counter Top

For Epoxy Resin Table, Epoxy Table, Wooden Epoxy Resin Dining Table, Epoxy Table, Epoxy Resin Multi Purpose Table in Kampala, Uganda contact our project manager to discuss your project today.

Similar to 3D epoxy floor designs, but done on top of a table, desk or counter top surface or even on walls, the 3D epoxy table top is designed and customized to a  customer’s requirements regarding depth, 3D effects, colours and reflection. A new product in Uganda, 3D epoxy table tops, desks, work and counter …

Granite counter tops, marble stones, flooring works and materials supply

Granite counter tops, marble stones, flooring works and materials supply

Access high quality granite and marble stone works from a professional contractor for the supply, sales and installation of counter tops, floors, tiles, slabs, table tops, work tops and other surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, wash rooms, dining areas, reception hall or entertainment unit. Whether you are planning for granite stone designs in your residential …

Translucent Glass Fibre Sheet

Translucent Fibreglass Sheet

UEL is a Kampala based manufacturers and suppliers of flat FRP sheet. Our main production system manufactures translucent, opal, blue, dense white and high gloss gel coat mirror finish elycold white. All materials can be laser cut and screen printed. Coil sizes – 2.55m wide x 40m length. Approximate weight of a 40m coil is …

Fibreglass Top Roof for Camper Vans, Tour Buses and Mini Buses

Camper Van Fibreglass Top Roof for Bus, Vans, Super Custom made in Kampala Uganda

Fibreglass Bus and Van top roofs are popular among travel and tour companies in Uganda – we have fitted rental van campers since 2010. Colours, paint and finishes are done according to your specifications or company design themes and patterns. Additionally the roof can be designed to be translucent or opaque. The fibreglass top roofs …

Epoxy Colour Pigment

Pigment resin top table in Kampala, Uganda

Chances are, while asking around for a new fibreglass of project for floors or table tops, you’ve come across stunning waterfall tables, glow-in-the-dark bar tops, and table tops that look identical to galaxies. Many of these products can be sold expensively yet what looks like a complex process is actually a common DIY (Do it …