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UEL’s division of industrial chemicals is one of the Uganda’s largest independent chemical suppliers and  distributors, offering both bulk (wholesale) and retail packed chemicals to a variety of industries. Explore our full range of industrial chemicals chemicals that can be applied to a wide range of manufacturing and moulding applications. We offer rapid nationwide delivery to all parts of Uganda – as well as in the East African Community countries of Rwanda, South Sudan, DR Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya.

As Uganda’s leading industrial chemicals experts, we are ISO Accredited as are our suppliers and deliver Full customer support for all our chemical product ranges. Explore the full range of high quality industrial chemicals for sale in Uganda below:


Resin Industrial Chemical

We have Uganda’s largest resin warehouse as a  bonded supplier, delivering various types of resin including Epoxy, Vinylester, Petroleum and Polyester resin for both custom and general purpose applications throughout Uganda and the rest of the East African countries of Rwanda, South Sudan, DR Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya. Find out more about our resin types right on our resin store online.

Order online  for glass fibre, GRP, West System epoxy resin, gelcoat and polyester resins in any quantities large or small and get them delivered to any part of Uganda.


Resin Catalyst and Hardener Chemical

Looking for a Polyester or Petroleum Resin and Epoxy Resin Hardener Industrial Chemicals in Uganda? We have both clear and opaque resins and liquid hardener, a catalyst suitable for use with all of our polyester, epoxy and petroleum resins. Ask us today for advice and assistance about the use of industrial hardener and catalyst chemicals in Uganda today.


Resin Pigments

We are the leading wholesale and retail epoxy pigments, metallic, glow in dark, neon, mica pearl pigments in Uganda. Find our the best prices for all pigment colors for various applications and buy them from our pigments online store. Specifications and descriptions of pigments are added for consumer information.



We stock a full range of gel coat industrial chemicals for making glass fibre supplies and applications available from stock for delivery throughout Uganda. Order gel coat for casting, mould making, reinforcements, resin etc. online. In addition to clear Casting Resin, G P Resin, Multi-Purpose Resin; Gel Coat Resin; Thixotropic Paste, We also offer both hardeners and pigments to combine with your polyester resin applications.


Fiberglass Filler


We supply a range of incredibly strong and versatile Fibreglass Filler industrial chemical products in Uganda.

Fiberglass filler is a perfect blend of polyester resin and glass fibres and also very elastic after curing. The excellent adhesive properties make the elastic filler ideal for use on metal and plastic parts which are subject to high-load vibration, such as fenders or doors. Also suitable for repair of dry stone and concrete, as well as articles of plastics and ceramics.


  • No cracking or breaking during and after curing.
  • Ideal filler for repairing cars, boats, caravans, surfboards and many other objects of metal, plastic, ceramic or concrete.
  • Easy to handle and sand
  • After curing, no cracks or shrinkage

Application for use of Fiberglass Filler:

Mix in the cover 2% hardener with the filler into a homogeneous mass.
Processing time is about 3-5 min at 20° C
Sandable: after 30 minutes at 20° C

We are adding new industrial chemicals for supply to Uganda’s manufacturers and exploring new products to add value to the chemical industry applications in the country. For a full range of applications manufactured using our industrial chemicals check our section of applications.

You can also check our store for products made using these industrial chemicals.


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