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Manufacture of Fiberglass Moulds

Despite being a new product in the country, Fiberglass or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is all around us, and its unique characteristics will ensure that it remains one of the most versatile and easy to use composites for many years to come, both in Uganda and abroad.

Fiberglass products have many advantages in comparison to other competing materials like wood, rubber, metal, plastic or glass. This is because fiberglass materials combine the elements of both plastic and glass to create products that are superior in aesthetics, strength, durability and versatility. It is also easier to repair a fiberglass product, instead of replacing it.

These advantages include low technology fabrication with durability, high flexing tolerance, moderate or high strength  to weight ratio, corrosion resistance and impact resistance have made fiberglass a popular alternative in a number of home, business and industrial applications.

Below is a comprehensive, but not complete range of the fiberglass applications created by UEL RESINS & FIBERGLASS. This list is by no means exhaustive, as fiberglass solutions and products are limited by a customer’s imagination or creativity and innovation of the worker. Scroll through the list as a slide or visit the main fiberglass applications workshop.

Fiberglass Solutions and Applications

Get the best price quotes on fiberglass works in Kampala, Uganda at UEL RESINS & FIBERGLASS LTD. We manufacture the widest range of fiberglass products for home, business and industrial use.

The range of fiberglass applications and solutions include boat building works, car bumpers, pickup truck canopy covers and body works, insulated and refrigerated truck body works, slides, kiosks, pots, planters, mannequins, transparent and translucent skylight roofing sheets, motor cycle delivery boxes, courier boxes, mounted scooter luggage boxes, cold rooms, fish tanks, swimming pools, canoes, surf boards, fishing boxes, trays and furniture.


Contact us today for free quotations on the manufacture of  fiberglass works in the East African countries of Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, DR Congo & Burundi.