Epoxy Colour Pigment

Pigment resin top table in Kampala, Uganda

Chances are, while asking around for a new fibreglass of project for floors or table tops, you’ve come across stunning waterfall tables, glow-in-the-dark bar tops, and table tops that look identical to galaxies. Many of these products can be sold expensively yet what looks like a complex process is actually a common DIY (Do it Yourself) method using colored epoxy resin pigments.

This Pigment resin is a paste for tinting polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins, and gel coat. It can be used alone or blended with other pigments to customize preferred color for parts, or color match repairs.

Our Fibre Glast store offers Black (#43), Red (#45), Yellow (#47), and Blue (#52) in category. All pigments come as an opaque paste and are meant to deliver an opaque color for resin.

White Polyester Epoxy Pigment Kampala Uganda Supplier - Polycolour epoxy pigment

Pigments are added to resin and gel coat prior to adding catalyst. Generally, they are added 6-8% by weight, or ½ pint of pigment per gallon of resin.

We have made every effort to accurately represent the cured color of our resins with these pigments. Keep in mind, however, that exact color may vary based on browsers and monitor differences.


White, Red, Blue, Green Polyester/Epoxy Pigment Pigment is available in three sizes: 1KG at a cheap price of 100,000

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