Fibreglass Swimming Pool



This article from The New Vision best describes the best features of a fibreglass swimming pool:

To install one today. we are just a phone call away.

A swimming pool in one’s home invites various perceptions. It denotes exclusiveness, class and affluence.
However, with current advancements, the pattern is fast changing. It is now possible for the average middle-class person in Uganda to own and ably maintain a swimming pool.

Talhan Yogesh, of Nandadeep International, the authorised distributors of the Zodiac prefabricated swimming pools in Uganda, says if one can afford to buy a car worth over sh10m and spends sh20,000 everyday on fuel, then he or she can afford managing a swimming pool at home.

A prefabricated swimming pool comprises steel walls and an integral deck formed of prefabricated panels. A vinyl liner is employed to contain the water.
The panels are generally of an inverted L-shape and are supported by an exterior truss construction, where they are joined to adjacent panels.
The panels simultaneously provide mounting means for a fence post permitting safe enclosure of the pool. The pool is suitable for above-ground use.

Its modular construction also affords a wide variety of sizes and it is easy to install without the need for skilled labour.

Rectangular pools are most common in Vinyl type, but an interesting variety of L-shaped, free form and other shapes can also be made available. Straight and curved panels are interlocked to form the walls and the floor of the pool.

These panels are then lined with vinyl-liners. The liners are .65 mm thick.

Vinyl manufacturers have created many new liner patterns and colours including liners with display of tile border and print wall from which the pool owners can choose when it comes to style.

Vinyl pools can be dismantled and packed away to another destination.

The Fibreglass Swimming Pool Is Another Type Worth Having.

It does not develop cracks as easily as concrete.

The fibreglass, therefore, does not need to be resurfaced, replastered, or grouted.

Build your own pool
What makes it all seem so unbelievable is that the pictures for example seen on the Internet are of swimming pools that are truly beautiful with complete decks, diving boards and pool slides.

Is it really conceivable that someone with no construction experience could put something like that together?
It is possible to do it, but it comes with some help.

It takes more than one person to accomplish some of the tasks that are involved in the process.

The above-ground-pool is the simplest. Today’s prefabricated swimming pools are essentially giant puzzles that are put together one piece at a time.

Granted, it is not an easy task and you will get dirty doing it, but with some basic tools, it can be done.

Above-ground pools are the easier and the less problematic compared to the in-ground swimming pool, which involves excavation work.

Source : New Vision

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