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It’s fibreglass – we can repair it. UEL can bring its own mobile repair service to any location in Uganda or do the work at our facilities. At UEL we pride ourselves on quality service executed professionally with the utmost integrity.

We fabricate and repair fibreglass playground equipment, car bumpers, insulated truck bodies, damaged fibreglass canopies and fibreglass sheets. We have the ability to do structural repair for any fiberglass parts and glass reinforced plastic products.

We also offer thermoplastic welding and bonding as well as complete production facilities for your custom fiberglass designs. We have a full line of adhesives available to us for any type of plastic or FRP bonding.

UEL offers fiberglass repairs to cars, boats, or other fiberglass objects; the range includes basic repairs, cosmetic repairs, gelcoat applications and more. The experts will help you fix your fiberglass damage professionally and skillfully through;

  1. Measurement of damaged areas to determine what kind of resin to use i.e epoxy resin or polyester resin
  2. Resin cures at appropriate temperatures (above 18 degrees Celsius)
  3. Fibre-glass reinforcement using fiberglass filler or fiberglass cloth
  4. Clearing of loose pieces from the damaged area and cleaning the area with acetone
  5. Resin and hardener mixing
  6. Complete covering of the damaged area and filling in any holes
  7. Allowing adequate time for the repair to cure based on the recommendations from the resin manufacturer

Get a free no obligation consultation of fibre glass repair here or visit UEL’s  fibreglass repair gallery.