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Safe Swimming Pool Chemicals

UEL Pool Store stocks Uganda’s most comprehensive range of swimming pool accessories, swimming pool chemicals , swimming pool equipment and swimming pool maintenance products that can also be be used in bath tubs and health spas. Whatever you need, we probably stock it and if you’re not sure of what you need contact our team in Kampala Industrial Area – they’re here to help.

Besides providing a great range of chemicals, water testing equipment for both swimming pools and spas, a large selection of toys and games and a range of spare parts including pipework and much more, UEL Pool store also undertakes swimming pool construction projects in residential and commercial establishments all over Uganda.

Shop through and make inquiries online now on a wide range of accessories, chemicals, equipment and maintenance products for your swimming pool and hot tub or spa for both residential homes and commercial recreational centers.

Swimming Pool Chemicals Supplier

Shop for various swimming pool chemicals including chlorine, algaecide, PH balancers, shock treatments, water test kits flocculants and clarifiers at the best prices in Uganda on our online swimming pool store. True to our commitment to offer a wide range of swimming pool chemicals for for your pool, spa or tub, we have published the available products for you to explore and request for price quotations on each chemical. In this section you will find all the pool chemicals you need to keep your pool water sanitised, algae free, and crystal clear through the wet and dry seasons of the year in Uganda. Shop for swimming pool chemicals now.


Swimming Pool Equipment Sales

Browse our swimming pool maintenance section and find a range of items including swimming pool pumps and swimming pool filters to keep your pool water circulated and filtered. We stock some of the biggest names including Certikin, Dolphin and Atika. Browse the widest range of swimming pool equipment in Uganda at the best prices including, Pool Hoses, Skimmer Baskets, Pool Filtration, Pool Pumps, Pool Lighting, Pool Covers, Thermometers and much more on our online pool equipment store.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Tools and Equipment

Keeping your pool water clean is an ongoing job. In our Swimming Pool Maintenance store you will find everything you need to achieve this. We supply swimming pool nets to clean the water surface; various pool maintenance items including covers, heaters, repair kits and floating dispensers; an extensive range of cleaning accessories including vacuums, vacuum hoses, automatic pool cleaners, submersible pumps and an extensive range of filters. Plus much more. Shop online today for lots of deals on swimming pool maintenance equipment and accessories at the best prices in Kampala, Uganda.


Swimming Pool Accessories

UEL Pool store supplies a wide range of swimming pool  accessories in Uganda at the best prices, in addition to  a large selection of toys and games. We supply swimming pool, Floats, Caps & Jackets, Goggles, Pool Inflatables, Pillows & Cushions, Pool Games, Pool Side Glassware, Plus much more. Shop for swimming pool accessories or get prices quotations online now.

We stock well known brand names with an established reputation for high quality of swimming pool chemicals, maintenance accessories and  equipment –  Blue Horizons, AquaSPAkle and Fi-Clor.


Swimming Pool Construction Services

Whether it is a concrete or fiberglass swimming pool, underground or above the ground pool, we offer the following swimming pool construction services: Pool Design, Construction, Renovation and Refurbishment, Servicing and Maintenance. Our highly skilled designers work closely with architects and clients on the design and build of swimming pools, spas and leisure areas for both private residential and commercial resort establishments. Explore our swimming pool construction projects across Uganda right here on our website.



Catalogue of Swimming Pool Chemicals (Download Full Catalogue (PDF)


We stock one of Uganda’s most comprehensive ranges of accessories, chemicals and maintenance products for your swimming pool. Whatever you need, we probably stock it and if you’re not sure of what you need, contact our team in Kampala Industrial Area – they’re here to help.

Category Description Products
Chlorine Swimming Pool Chlorine and Sanitizers (chemicals) to achieve safe and clean swimming pool water
  • Stabilized Chlorine Granules
  • Non-Stabilized Chlorine Tablets
  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Bromine Granules
  • Bromine Tablets
  • Aqua Sparkle Mini Multi Tablets
Balancers Establishing and keeping the correct water balance in terms of pH, Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, TDS (total dissolved solids)
  • Blue Horizons Total Alkalinity Reducer
  • pH Minus (Dry Acid)
  • pH Reducer (Dry Acid)
  • pH Plus
  • pH Increaser
  • Total Alkalinity Raiser (Sodium Bicarbonate)
Algaecide Swimming Pool Algaecides to prevent microscopic plant invasion
  • Summerclear Copper Free Algaecide
  • Kleen Pool Copper Algaecide
  • Blue Horizons Concentrated Winter Time Algaecide
  • The Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time Algaecide
Shock Chlorine Swimming Pool Shock & Sanitiser products are made from calcium hypochlorite and contain no stabilizer
  • Blue Horizons – Pool Fusion Aqua Sachet
  • Fi-Clor Superfast Superchlorinator Granules “Shock Pot”
  • Blue Horizons Shock Granules
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Advanced Non-Stabilized Chlorine Tablets
  • Superfast Stabilizer-Free Chlorine Granules
  • Blue Horizons Pro-Cal Calcium Hypochlorite Granules
Testing Kits Water Test kits to determine pool water balance and safety for bathers
  • AquaChek Chlorine Water Test Strips
  • Insta-TEST® 3 Plus
  • AquaChek Water Test Strips (Bromine)
  • Aquablanc Test Strips
Flocculants and Clarifiers Remove cloudiness in pool water to achieve crystal clear water
  • Fi-Clor Liquid Floc
  • Fi-Clor Rapid Clarifier
  • Goldifloc Filter Aid Tablets


Catalogue of Swimming Pool Equipment (Download Full Catalogue (PDF)


Get free price quotes on swimming pool nets to clean the water surface; various pool maintenance items including covers, heaters, repair kits and floating dispensers; an extensive range of cleaning accessories including vacuums, vacuum hoses, automatic pool cleaners, submersible pumps and an extensive range of filters.


Category Description Products
Pool Hoses Pass water from the swimming pool to the main drain or for use during the backwash
  • 100′ Deluxe Backwash Hose
  • 15m Backwash Hose – Heavy Duty
  • 50′ Deluxe Backwash Hose
  • Certikin 1.5″ Floating Hose – 9 Metre
  • Certikin 1.5″ Floating Hose, 12 Metre
Pool Skimmer Baskets The HD105 includes a basket, floating

collar and guide.

  • Certikin HD105 Skimmer Conversion Kit
Pool Filtration Swimming pool sand filters
  • Swimming Pool Silica Filtration Sand 25kg
  • Certikin 24″ Vision Sand Filter – Top Mount
  • iFlo 500 0.75hp Pump 20in Filter Package
  •  Pleatco Filter PRB50-IN
Pool Pumps Self priming and new generation Swimming Pool Pump
  • Certikin Aquaspeed Swimming Pool Pump – Single Phase
  • iFlo Pump 0.75HP
  • iFlo Pump 1.5HP
  • iFlo Pump 1HP
  • Starite 5P2R Pump 0.75HP Single Phase
Pool Lighting Swimming Pool Under Water Light Bulb
  • 300W 12V Replacement Bulb
Pool Covers Safety Cover for Swimming Pool
  • Blue Wave Rectangular Cover
  • Water Warden Mesh Safety Cover
  • GLI Rectangle Safety Cover
  • Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover
  • Blue Wave Solar Blanket
  • Blue Wave Leaf Net Cover
  • Blue Wave Pool Winter Cover
  • Pool Mate Winter Cover (Rain or Wet Season)
Thermometer Monitor the water temperature.
  • Floating Thermometer
  • Rubber Duck Thermometer
  • Large Print Thermometer


Catalogue of Swimming Pool Maintenance Tools (Download Full Catalogue (PDF)


Category Description Product
Aligator Water Purification System Reduces the need for chlorine by up to 60- 75% and creates crystal clear allergy free pool water of drinking quality standard.
  • Aligator Chamber Lid and Accessories
  • Aligator Copper Electrodes – Copper Silver Ions
  • Aligator Chamber Body
  • Aligator Flow Switch
  • Aligator Washer Kit
  • Aligator Water Purification System (Copper Ionization)
  • Complete Chamber
Automatic Pool Cleaners Baracuda Pool Cleaners, Dolphin Cleaners and much more.
  • Baracuda R3 Suction Cleaner
  • Battery Powered Leaf Vacuum
  • Dolphin Supreme M200 Pool Cleaner
  • Dolphin Supreme M400 Pool Cleaner
Pool Chemical Dispensers Handling and release of chemicals
  • Fi-Clor 5-Buoy Floating Dispenser (1.66kg)
  • Blue Horizons Ultimate Floating Chlorine Dispenser
  • The Duck Chlorine/Bromine Tablet Dispenser
  • Duck Chlorine/Bromine Tablet Dispenser
  • Bestway Chemical Dispenser with ChemGuard Glove
  • Small Duck Chlorine/Bromine Tablet Dispenser
Swimming Pool Manual Cleaning Products Chemicals, gloves, brushes, scrub pads, rakes to clean dirt and tough stains
  • 14″ Wheeled Vacuum Head (with side bristles) for Concrete Pools
  • Pool Brush
  • Blue Horizons Slatted CoverKleen (5ltr)
  • Blue Horizons Tile and Liner Cleaner (Extra Thick) (2ltr)
  • Butterfly Shape Liner Vacuum Head with Side Bristles
  • Certikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor (Kornea Plate)
  • Economy Leaf Rake
  • Fi-Clor Tile, Grease and Liner Cleaner (1ltr)
  • Graphite Leaf Rake (Deep Bag)
  • Half-Moon Liner Vacuum Head
  • Hand Skimmer Net
  • Mytee Mitt
  • Professional Leaf Net with polymer frame
  • Scrub Pad
  • Ultra Mitt
  • Ultra Mitt


Catalogue of Swimming Pool Accessories (Download Full Catalogue (PDF)

UEL Pool store supplies a wide range of swimming pool accessories in Uganda at the best prices, such as Floats, Caps & Jackets, Goggles, Pool Inflatables, Pillows & Cushions, Pool Games, Pool Side Glassware in addition to a large selection of toys and games.


Category Description Products
Swimming Aids Floats, Caps and Jackets to achieve water buoyancy, Swimming training aids
  • Swimming Jackets
  • Swimming Cap
  • Swimming Float
Goggles UV protection and anti- fog for superb clarity, and the clear lens is ideal for indoor swimming.
  • Zoggs Athena Swimming Goggles
  • Zoggs Little Comet Childrens Swimming Goggles
Pool Inflatables Relaxing loungers and chairs, paddle boards, toy rides, rings and balls
  • Inflatable tube ring
  • Inflatable loungers
  • Inflatable air mat
  • Inflatable toys – crocs, whales, dolphins, ducks etc


Visit UEL POOL STORE (Google Maps/Business Directions) for complete Swimming Pool Chemicals, Equipment and Maintenance Accessories at our shop shop/store on Plot 51, 8th Street Industrial Area, along Namuwongo Road Kampala City, Rep. of Uganda.


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