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Refrigerated or Freezer Truck Body Building Works

Get a price quote on the best designs and manufacture of commercial refrigerated vehicle conversions from the smallest vans to the largest trailers in Kampala, Uganda with UEL RESINS & FIBERGLASS LTD. We are commercial truck body builders creating the best standard and bespoke truck bodies for transportation of frozen goods.

We lead the way in developing commercial, specialized and refrigerated vehicles and storage systems which are increasingly productive, safe, clean, easily operated, good looking and efficient.

From our workshop in Kampala, our projects for truck freezer bodies have covered all the East African countries of Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Burundi and South Sudan.

Get a free quote on the price and schedule for completion of fiberglass refrigerated or freezer bodies  today. You can see our truck projects by exploring our dedicated truck body building works website.


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We construct and install Refrigerated or Freezer Truck Bodies for  vast range of purpose built truck bodies resulting in a long lasting vehicle that serves many business uses in Uganda.

Available in a variety of sizes, the truck body can be adjusted from single-and mid-temperature to deep-frozen, multi-temperature applications.

Thermally efficient, customizable, and built to stand up to the rigorous demands of multi-stop refrigerated delivery, the UEL Refrigerated truck body is a smart choice for transporting a variety of perishable products.

For heating, cooling and freezing installations a fitting scheme is developed, adapted to the cargoes being transported. Its reliability is not only important for the preservability of your cargo, but also for the energy consumption of your truck body. Thanks to the use of the right combination of parts, fuel costs can be saved.

We can install heaters and coolers of all brands. Furthermore we can advise you about the air distribution.


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