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River Table Resin

A clear epoxy resin system ideal for river table projects, accepts both transparent and opaque pigments to gain the effects you require, can be poured up to 50mm thick however smaller pours are recommended to reduce distortion/shrinkage.

Sizes from 1Kg, supplied with 0.5 Epoxy hardener. Other sizes include 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg and Drum Pack.

Delivery available in Kampala and other upcountry towns in Uganda.


A clear epoxy casting resin system often used for river tables, bartops and other clear casting applications that need long pot-life with low exotherm properties.

It is very clear with good UV resistance which reduces premature yellowing. All epoxies will yellow to some degree over time. Items left in open sunlight will yellow far quicker that those left indoors. Excellent optical properties with negligible shrinkage on curing.

For information on application of epoxy resin, read our guide here.


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