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General Purpose Polyester Lay-up Resin

Buy general purpose polyester lay-up resin at the best prices at UEL RESINS & FIBERGLASS LTD and get delivery in Kampala and other towns in Uganda. 

This Lay-up/laminating resin is a thixotropic, pre-accelerated polyester resin used for laminating glass fibre, also for impregnation of timber in boats and roof sheathings.

This most commonly used resin lends itself to 1000s of repair and construction applications involving fiberglass mat e.g roofs, boats, cars, canoes, surf boards, fishing boxes, trays, slides, delivery boxes, truck body works, pickup canopies, tanks, pots and planters etc


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Polyester resin is commonly used to bond the fiberglass on the inside of many “wet” appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines. Despite the association with economy models, fiberglass and resin linings have the advantage over stainless steel interiors in that they do not ding and rust.

The same lightweight strength that has made polyester resin popular in so many other applications also makes it useful for the manufacture of patio furniture. It also has the necessary qualities of being waterproof, weather-resistant and inexpensive to replace.

Polyester resin’s adhesive property is sometimes used to adhere layers of fiberglass in the construction of body panels for automobiles, airplanes, and boats.

Its light weight makes it ideal for racing cars and lightweight planes, but its high rate of water retention has caused it to fall out of favor with boat builders, and it has been mostly replaced in that capacity with epoxy resin. Even steel body panels are occasionally coated with a polyester resin-based colorant for decorative purposes.

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