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Polyester Brushing Gelcoat

Buy Isophthalic Polyester Gelcoat at the best prices at UEL RESINS & FIBERGLASS LTD and get delivery in Kampala and other towns in Uganda. 

Lloyds Approved Isophthalic Polyester Gelcoat. Thixotropic, used for the initial coat in a mould which cures with a tacky surface to assist adhesion of the glassfibre laminate.

Available ready pigmented white, black, or unpigmented (clear) to which a colour of your choice can be added, applied at approx 500g per m². 2% MEKP Catalyst included.

  • Delivery can be made within East Africa in Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan
  • GELCOAT – User and Safety Datasheet
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The isophthalic gelcoats are an effective and long-lasting solution for giving suitable surface finishing to all kinds of products. These are polyester isophthalic resins based composite materials mixed with colouring pastes or transparent pastes, pigments and thixotropic agents.

The differences between the different gelcoats consist precisely in the mix materials: each one gives distinctive characteristics to each coating, thus allowing Polynt to meet any customer’s needs.

The main characteristic of isophthalic gelcoat is its resistance to atmospheric agents, UV rays, as well as to physico-chemical elements of different kinds, making these coatings suitable for use in many different applications. The second characteristic element is the design of the final result.

In fact, all the products on which isophthalic gelcoats are applied stand out for their impeccable aesthetics, benefiting from a long-lasting resistance to matting and yellowing, while maintaining the brilliance of the colours.


Polynt has included isophthalic gelcoats in its product range because they allow obtaining the best results in every application field, respecting the specific needs of each sector: nautical, transport, furnishing and health care are significant examples.

A fundamental characteristic of these gelcoats is to make fibreglass laminates waterproof, improving their resistance to corrosion and weathering. In addition, the mechanical characteristics of the material make it possible to obtain solid and indestructible products, while the physical-chemical properties ensure their longevity, an indispensable requirement for fields of application such as the transport of goods and people.

Isophthalic gelcoat coatings are also the best choice for the realization of unique, durable and solid design furniture, able to stand out for the elegance of forms and aesthetic charm.


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