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UEL Resins offers a varied range of swimming pool chemicals and spa chemicals all competitively priced. Get free quotations for a range of chemicals and spa chemicals supplies in Uganda including stabilized chlorine granules and tablets, pool chlorine, shock chlorine granules, bromine tablets, pH increase, pH decrease, water test kits, aqua sparkle, chlorine shock treatments, Fi-Clor pool chemicals and many more.

Below is a summary of swimming pool chemicals in stock, but we have a complete catalogue of swimming pool chemicals on our main swimming pool chemicals website.

Product Details
Chlorine 65% Granular Calcium Hyporchlorite (65% available chlorine) is the most common compound for pool chlorination. Available in 5kg, 20kg and 45kg pack sizes.
Chlorine 90% Granular Trichlorocynuric Acid (90% available chlorine) offers higher chlorine concentrations and the benefit of a water stabilizing carrier. Available in 5kg, 20kg and 40kg pack sizes.
pH Minus & pH Plus For pH adjustment, the product selected being determined by water condition.Available in 5Kg and 20kg pack sizes
Flocculant Flocculant is used for clearing heavily discoloured water and also increases filtration efficiency. Available in 5kg, 20kg and 50kg pack sizes
Stabilizer Stabilizer contains cyanuric acid which chemically stabilizes pool water and reduces chlorine demand. Available in 1kg HTH and 1.2kg Aquacure pack sizes
HTH Sparkle IT A water conditioner that clears cloudy water, improves filtration efficiency and adds extra sparkle to pool water. Available in dissolvable cubes and1litre granules packs.
HTH Clear Blu Brings extra sparkle to pool water and reduces chlorine consumption. Available as dissolvable cubes.
Algicure For the effective removal of algae growth, especially when established on the pool walls and floor. Available in 5litre and 20litre packs
Magic Touch Specially formulated to give pool water that extra sparkle. Available in 1kg pack size
Anti Stain A detergent to remove scum and stains from the pool walls. Available in 5litre and 20litre pack sizes
Blu52 A unique full specification pool maintenance chemical that combines chlorine, algaecide and a flocculant / clarifier in one simple to use pack that keeps pools sparking clean.
Pool Magic 5 in 1 A special formulation for a crystal clear pool which also kills and prevents growth of green and black algae. Available in pack sizes of 400gms
One Shot Algaecide for killing algae and preventing their growth. Also useful as a clarifier. Available in pack size of 2litres
Micro Shock A strong algaecide for killing both green and black algae. Available in 1litre pack size
Turbo Clear Fast acting clarifier and floculant, available in 1litre pack
Aqua Blue Buddies A floculant used to remove suspended particles from the pool. It is also useful to clarify cloudy water. Available in 70g block.
Brilliant Tablets Chlorine tablets stabilised with cyanuric acid to prevent dissipation by UV rays. Useful in shock treatment. Available in 1.4kg pack which contains 7tablets.

Get a free quote on the price of swimming pool chemicals from our shop in Kampala Industrial Area.

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