Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda

Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala Uganda

Helping you Build Great Swimming Pools for your Client(s)

Since 2003, Ugandan architects and designers have entrusted our swimming pool division with the design and build of luxury swimming pools and spas at affordable rates across the country, be it fibreglass pools or granite and marble stone swimming pools.

We have therefore designed and built pools and spas for a wide range of private residences as well as commercial installations in Kampala and other regions of the country with the majority of clients coming through architects and the remaining coming to us direct from the client referrals.

To deliver projects, we work with highly reputable and innovative companies, from suppliers of the latest heating systems to manufacturers of stunning mosaic tiles, providing variety and choice for every pool contract.

We bring a wealth of pool design, planning, engineering, construction and testing expertise to projects, enabling architects and designers to provide clients with inspirational pools, completed to exceptional standards, on time and on budget.

Our Showcase features a diversity of pool and spa installations, new and refurbished, demonstrating the imaginative approaches taken by our teams to overcome technical challenges and create spectacular pools and spas.

We design and build a wide range of pools, from the simplest lap pool to very complex pool projects, reinforcing our reputation as Uganda’s premier swimming pool company.

You can get a free price and schedule quotation for the construction of swimming pools by sending us an email or calling 0701749775 (WhatsApp).

Completed Swimming Pool Construction Projects in Kampala City, Uganda


Swimming Pool Construction Services

Whether it is a concrete or fiberglass swimming pool, underground or above the ground pool, we offer the following swimming pool construction services at affordable prices:

Swimming Pool Design

Our highly skilled designers work closely with architects and clients on the design and build of pools, spas and leisure areas for both private and commercial installations.

At the project concept stage, we have a detailed discussion with the architect, without charge, to enable initial concepts to move forward to a design principal. A flow of workable ideas allows us to supply a preliminary performance specification – this is priced prior to nomination. Upon commission, we consult with the project structural engineer and then submit detailed drawings for construction.

Once the client has confirmed the core concept for the pool and/or spa installation, our designers take full responsibility for the project, from initial design through to construction and landscaping where relevant. We provide detailed design proposals, with all equipment and materials for construction itemised and priced individually.

We handle a wide variety of pools, from a simple lap pool to highly complex projects including infinity edge, linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow and letterbox surface flow – all of which require the inclusion of surface distribution channels and balance tank controls.

Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda
Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda

Swimming Pool Construction

UEL Pool Store has been offering swimming pool construction services for pools and spas for more than 15 years. We take care of every single aspect of construction or we can work as a sub-contractor when required.

We work closely with clients and architects, discuss the pool or spa concept, agree every detail of the project, and provide precise costs for all components. This approach ensures that we deliver exactly what is required at the agreed budget.

With such a long heritage in designing bespoke swimming pools and spas, we have developed a unique and versatile range of construction methods that allows us to build in almost any style and in any location in Uganda. We are specialists in Permanent Shuttering System (PPS) and sprayed concrete (shotcrete) and use the latest materials and leading-edge technical and environmental techniques to solve complex projects such as pools with moving floors. We are also renowned for constructing underground pools, particularly in confined spaces, beneath the main property or garden with a link to the residence.

Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda
Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda

Swimming Pool Refurbishment

We specialise in offering swimming pool and spa repair and refurbishment services for homes, schools, colleges, health clubs, hotels and hospitals in Kampala and the rest of Uganda.

We have a track-record of transforming outdated and damaged pools and spas into modern facilities, creating a stunning new look whilst also improving energy and cost-efficiency. We repair concrete, external and internal finishes or upgrade and replace anything on the pool including the water filtration and circulation system, heating systems and underwater lights.

To discuss how we can give your pool or spa a new lease of life, call us on 0701749775.


Swimming Pool Servicing

Whether your swimming pool or spa is brand new or has been established for years, it will benefit enormously from regular professional swimming pool servicing, keeping the water in pristine condition and protecting its longevity. The better the service record, the longer your pool or spa will sparkle and give you years of pleasure.

Servicing involves monitoring the chemicals in the water to ensure that they are at the required healthy level, general cleaning of the pool (eg brushing, vacuuming), washing and re-grouting mosaic tiles, checking the performance of filters and pumps, and periodically cleaning pool covers and surrounding areas.

Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda
Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda


Our pool engineer(s) will visit your home to determine your service requirements and provide an estimate. The engineer will advise you whether your pool or spa should be serviced weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on whether it is located indoors or outdoors, its size and how often it is used. The engineer will then create a bespoke programme to suit your schedule and your pool/spa needs throughout the year, including when you are on holiday or away on business.

When you commission us to care for your pool, we supply all the chemicals including chlorine tablets and granules, algaecide, ‘shock’, ph increaser, ph and alkalinity rescuer and test strips. We are distributors for the major chemical suppliers including Fi-clor and BAYROL and hold comprehensive stocks, ensuring that everything you need is readily available. 

Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda
Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We repair and maintain pool and spa filters, pumps, heaters and controls to ensure optimum performance.

Over time, plant-room equipment experiences wear and tear and will need to be replaced with new parts or with more technologically advanced products that become available on the market. We advise clients on the best products and solutions for their plantroom and then undertake the upgrade to ensure that they benefit from the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Our maintenance team repairs and services gas and oil boilers, heat pumps, de-humidifiers, air handling units. It is essential that all of these appliances are serviced on an annual basis and that all pool technology components are kept in good condition to ensure the smooth running of the pool and to avoid unnecessary faults and premature replacement of parts which can prove costly.

Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda
Swimming Pool Construction Services in Kampala, Uganda


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