Translucent Glass Fibre Sheet

Translucent Fibreglass Sheet

UEL is a Kampala based manufacturers and suppliers of flat FRP sheet.

Our main production system manufactures translucent, opal, blue, dense white and high gloss gel coat mirror finish elycold white.

All materials can be laser cut and screen printed.

Coil sizes – 2.55m wide x 40m length.
Approximate weight of a 40m coil is 200kg.

We are happy to supply any length cut from a 40m roll x 2.55m width.

Availability; All sheets are manufactured and then dispatched.


The uses of translucent glassfibre sheet are endless; it is especially useful where natural light is required.

Architects have, for example, used the material for pop-up studios and partitions in offices and work spaces.

We have supplied several commercial and residential customers for various applications in homes and business.

For stylistic purposes, opaque sheet has been used to reflect images. It is also possible to screen print onto both transparent and opaque sheet.

ELY cold white sheet is also used to repair camper vans and caravans. It is commonly used for horsebox ceilings and animal transportation vehicles.

Mall ownning customers have also found it useful when building smoking areas at public buildings. It can be used in any situation where a hygienic surface is needed.

The material also has a high gloss mirror finish, and is easy to clean by hand, steam or pressure wash.

Not only can we supply natural translucent sheet but also various translucent colours. Blue is the most commonly used colour.

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Translucent Glassfibre Sheet (FRP) Examples

Blue tint glassfibre FRP sheet
1.3mm thickness, 2.55m wide Opal glassfibre FRP sheet
1.3mm thickness, 2.55m wide

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