Translucent Sheets

Translucent Fibreglass Roofing Sheet Maker, Suplier and Fabrication in Kampala - Uganda at the best prices

We offer on site or offsite manufacture and design of UV sheets in any location in Uganda for your shop fronts to provide protection against fading, house roofing, car shade or walkway. Results are available according to glass type and color.

UEL Resins and Fibreglass:  Fiberglass Fish Tanks and Ponds

Clear UV translucent sheets filter out almost all ultra violet rays and is optically clear which means that it does not alter the appearance of glass. UV translucent sheets are extensively used on shop fronts, roofing and in homes to provide fade protection for fabrics and furnishings. UV translucent sheets are also recommended for protecting people suffering from acute sensitivity to ultra-violet light. Results may vary slightly according to glass type.

UEL Resins and Fibreglass:  Fibreglass Planters and Pots


UEL provides a wide range of colors and filters removed for projects requiring transparency to UV (Ultra Violet) rays.

UEL Resins and Fibreglass:  Fibreglass Corrugated Sheets

For a free consultation or quotation on your translucent sheet requirements within Uganda, feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements now.