Fibreglass Motor Cycle Courier or Carrier Box

At UEL we supply large fibreglass top boxes and rear carriers for scooters and motorcycles for Several Uganda based courier companies and private motorcycle owners.

The top boxes we supply are constructed from fibreglass (GRP) making them tough and lightweight. Their huge capacity make them ideal for a variety of different uses. UEL’s fibreglass motorcycle boxes benefit from gas struts being fitted to the lid to allow easy loading along with stainless steel locks and hinges. Due to the smooth outer finish they are ideal for branding and if necessary can be manufactured in any colour.


Our custom brackets allow our large top boxes to sit over the passenger seat for great weight distribution and our unique tilting mechanism allows the rider easy access to the under seat storage and fuel tank.

Designed and made in the Uganda, our rear carriers are inherently strong. All components are laser cut from 3, 4 and 5mm steel, CNC folded to incredible tolerances, then welded, zinc plated and bolted together to give the final product the strength to deal with anything thrown at it.

All of these advantages make UEL perfect for a range of different tasks where a large load capacity is required. The possibilities are endless!

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