Fibreglass Tanks

We create lasting storage solutions. Put over decade plus years of storage tank building experience to work for you. We design, engineer, and manufacture fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks.

No matter what your storage needs may be, regardless of your industry, we can engineer the perfect fiberglass tank for you. Fiberglass-reinforced tanks are a universal solution to liquid storage challenges, from acid tanks to caustic tanks. Choose from solar tanks, sectionalized tanks, rectangular tanks, double wall tanks, and everything in between.

Fibreglass Water Tank

A custom tank solution means you get exactly what you need to solve your storage challenge, and when you partner with us, you’ll be working with the best in the business to get it. No matter the industry you serve, we create tanks to serve your needs.

UEL creates premier fiberglass storage tanks for customers across Uganda. Our custom tanks come in many shapes and sizes—from two to 14 feet in diameter and holding from 50 to 50,000 gallons, with a variety of product options. Learn about industries who trust UEL with their storage tank needs:

Agricultural Tanks

Fiberglass agriculture tanks are built to hold bulk fertilizers, soil fumigants, herbicides, and even water while providing long-term performance and maximum resistance against corrosion and chemical attack. Choose UEL Tanks if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, durable liquid fertilizer tank.

Food and Beverage Industries

Looking for a storage container for your food or beverage? We engineer tanks for food and beverage manufacturers around the world. Our food and beverage tanks are custom built to your unique requirements, and are used to store anything from water to highly corrosive chemicals. Our adaptable storage tanks can serve customers from breweries or wineries to mass dairy production.

Our food and beverage tanks are used to accomplish specific functions like mixing, saturating, separating, or brining product. With our experienced design and engineering teams, we can help you choose the perfect tank for your food or beverage items.

Industrial Chemical Industries

Looking for a chemical storage solution? Our fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks meet storage needs for industrial chemicals, concentrations, and temperatures. By partnering with our resin vendors, we tailor make the interior corrosion barrier to meet the service environment. Able to contain the harshest contents, our chemical tanks are made to meet all legal regulations for storing chemicals such as bleach, acid, sodium chloride, ethylene glycol, and caustic soda.

Water and Wastewater Industries

Searching for a water or waste water tank solution? We engineer tanks for water treatment facilities for municipalities and private businesses. Customize your water or waste water tank to your exact needs, including resin selection to ensure correct tank preparation for chemicals in waste water treatment processes. Design Tanks has water and waste water tanks at work in various cities and municipalities in the Uganda and beyond.

We’re happy to provide you with many fiberglass-reinforced tank options and sizes designed for water and water treatment needs. From portable water tanks to underground tanks, our water tank selection includes popular and best-selling tank styles, no matter if you have a commercial or personal tank project.

Energy and Utilities

Do you operate a wastewater treatment facility, air pollution control system, coal-burning electric plant, or chemical storage facility? Our team partners with many of the nation’s leading municipal providers and engineering firms to provide storage solutions. From city level to state facilities, we provide storage to customers who trust our tanks to solve container needs for both communities and projects.

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