Fibreglass Truck Body Works

Fibreglass Truck Body Works in Rwanda

Fibreglass Truck Body Works in Rwanda


UEL Truck Bodies Ltd builds the best standard and bespoke truck bodies available in Rwanda. We work closely with our clients to design and produce a range of purpose-built vehicle bodies based on premium chassis and shells from a variety of leading vehicle manufacturers.

We are one of only a few companies in Rwanda able to adopt and adhere to a number of different vehicle type approvals. All our vehicle bodies are quality assured to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Over the years, we have provided clients with customized innovations in fibreglass and steel Truck and Pick-up Bodies, Vehicle Conversions and Specialty Fabrications, Fleet Conversions

We are Rwanda’s leading Fibreglass moulders, Commercial Vehicle Body manufacturers and Vehicle Conversion specialists, offering the largest, most diverse range of products available in the market today. Our designers work with you during the development of each product to discuss the range of features available to you.

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