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Polyester Resin Uganda

Polyester resin is a material with many uses and as an imperative part of many different manufacturing projects, it is important that the polyester resin you buy is of a high, durable quality. As one of the leading Ugandan polyester resin suppliers, we offer a range of premium quality polyester resin castings with a range of suitable for different needs whether that’s creating decorative castings or for general production of mould jackets with fibreglass.

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Polyester Resin Drum Packs

Our polyester resin products include:

  • Clear Casting Resin
  • G P Resin
  • Multi-Purpose Resin
  • Gel Coat Resin
  • Thixotropic Paste

We also offer both hardeners and pigments to combine with your polyester resin, to ensure that you get the exact finish that you are aiming for in the results of your project. Our products enable you to create a wide range of unique effects with polyester resin that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with.

We offer a large range of different pigments for colouring both clear and opaque resins and liquid hardener, a catalyst suitable for use with all of our polyester resins.

Our glass fibre, when used in conjunction with resin produces, a very strong, lightweight and durable shell, producing a material that is useful in the creation of strong structures.

We also offer a range of different parting/ release agents, an essential product when casting or laminating with polyester resin (except where a rubber mould such as silicone, latex or Vinamold is used.)

You are welcome to get in contact with our technical department if you need any assistance or advice in selecting the appropriate one for your needs at the best price in Uganda.